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Jeep Willys (hardtop field modification) 1/35philio233283
LRDG Memorial New Zealandphilio223390
Armored Willys Jeep (Dragon 1/35)philio142532
10θέσιο Jeep Willys (1/35)philio334080
East meet West ('Ελβας ποταμός, Απρίλιος 1945 (ΤΕΛΟΣ)philio475923
AFPU (Army Film & Photographic Unit) 1/35philio92865
Jeep (Willys MB, Ford GPW) - 1/35 (Italeri - Tamiya - Dragon - Bronco)Stavros8111471
Willys Jeep (photo reviews of ...various kits)Stavros336125
Honey, I Shrunk the Kits Series No1Nikos Tsitsos21452
You ber-the-way, so follow me!!! (η συνέχεια...)philio636093
Follow Μe & Go...philio13015580
Nail & Go...philio445684
Jeep MB, Ιερού Λόχου, Τυνησία 1943 - (Tamiya 1/48 & Hauler 1/48)Stavros41684
WASH & GO...philio9212363
LRDG Bantam και Chevy Matchbox 1/76Kostis Pap112305
ΕΒΑ & ΕΣΑ JEEP σε βινιετούλεςphilio9415554
Dancing with the bulls , Guam '44Χατζηδημητριου Δ354493
SAS Jeep "Desert Raider" (Dragon 1/6 & 1/35) & other Jeep/SAS kits ........Stavros407203
LRDG Bantam 1/35Kostis Pap12069
Σας χαλάει ακόμα ένα Jeep ;;;philio455282
Τα φρέναααααα ρεεεεε!!!philio669348
WILLYS JEEP, POLIZIA STRADALE, Tamiya 1/35nino19698412308
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